Basement renovation trends for 2019

Your basement may seem like a boring and quite unusable space, with all the dust and dirt and trash stored away to be forgotten there, but the fact is that the latest interior design trends can show you in a second how much you could do with that amount of space. Ever thought your house is too small, but didn’t have the funds to extend? How about renovating your basement instead! Let us show you how much you can do and how fun it can get. Here are some of the best trends for basement renovations in 2019.

Open concept lounge

While in the past most people opted for using the walls in the basement as room dividers and created smaller, separate spaces, now it’s all about the open plan. We know that you can’t get rid of all the walls – something must be keeping your house strong after all, but there’s still plenty of room to experiment with. An open concept basement design takes advantage of the naturally expansive nature of the basement and helps you create a modern style, multi-purpose for family time and hosting. Make it a cinema room, a playroom, a bar – anything you want, as long as you keep it open and spacious.

A suite for your guests

Ever thought that you can’t offer your guests enough space and needed them to pick a hotel to stay in instead? The basement can give you the perfect space to create guest rooms that are far better than your local hotel. Creating full-blown guest suites is one of the hottest basement design trends for 2019.


You can make it as homely as you want or make it a real luxury stay that even you can enjoy at your free time. After all, everyone deserves to escape their usual bedroom once in a while!

At-home spa and relaxation

With such a large open space and some money on hand, creating an at-home spa is an idea that will get big in 2019, with more and more homeowners deciding that relaxation at home is the best of both worlds. Sauna, jaccuzzi, joga studio, meditation suite, a gym – there’s so much you can do with a basement and once you do, you’ll be mad you didn’t do it earlier! After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a relaxing bath after work without having to drive up to the nearest spa resort and paying a small fortune for it.

There’s so many things and ideas you can do with a basement we can’t possibly gather them all in one post. If you’re looking for inspiration and plan on renovating your own basement, check out for more great ideas.